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Why doesn't Huey Freeman Smile ? The Boondocks
The reason why, he doesn't smile. Well. What reason does he have to smile? Yes, he has his health, all his limbs and etc. But he also has greater understanding, of the reality he's living in. More so, than the average person. This is his curse. If there is such a thing. His thoughts: the Oppressor wants us(blacks) wiped out. Period. Us!? The "original man" wiped out? Ridiculous as this sounds. This is becoming more and more real by the day, the hour...This very second. The struggle continues people. If we continue to ignore that fact. Well. Just go and ask your local Native American, how we're doing As A People. Living or more like surviving in, this stolen country (that we built), that used to be theirs(native americans).
  If Ignorance is bliss and Nothing more. Then Intelligence is that Something. That Double Edged Sword, we got from the garden. That we must use to Fight, the Unjustly Powers that be. He fully understands, that His Existence. For however long it is, in this world. Mu
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And for a short time, the young man felt like {EXPLOSION} ...he was back in Germany. It wasn't his homeland or anything. It was just a place, he had made his home. Explosion. There, existed a place that he could call for a time, his own. Where he had his own room. His own fridge. His own bed. His own closet. Even His own kitchen. Explosion. And His own quiet time. He missed the winter, now. He now felt, he'd taken the season for granted. Like himself, most would never have thought of the protection, that came from winter. It was supposed to be a annual nuisance. That few had any control over. Right? No. Everything has a purpose. Even a under-appreciated natural deterrent. That would hinder those, who would wish to do harm to others. Explosion. As it hit him, he stopped and thought about the conclusion he'd just come to. Winter made the lives of some, easier. It made some people's jobs more bearable. It granted some a safer passage to their destination. Explosion...To some, winter was s
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A Pure Look Trapped N2 My Soul
Reminiscing over a fading feeling...
Constantly missing the aching sensation...
Born from within me...
Because another...
Another's, whose spirit, some how found it's way to my own...
A lingering essence, only a fragment of that One's soul...
Has been imprinted onto my heart...
Forever changing, in one aspect. This one's view of love...
My mind may one day forget...
But never will my heart...
The memory of what happened between us, inspires me...Still.
An emotion so stong, it manifested itself without my knowledge...
It exists Now in this world, in a physical form. That can only be seen as art...
On some level, I've some how have physically expressed this emotion...
That now in words, makes me wonder...
How impactful is artistry from the heart...
This energy that comes from this feeling within, lifts me...however...
It also saps me of my will, to over come the sorrow...
The sorrow of knowing, this feeling is just a memory...
That I one day, might not be able to ever remember, recapture
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The Desert of Stan
This gray desert gives us the cold shoulder of silence, while the animals all around do not...
We walk on, in this black and white desert as equals
All look out for one and one looks out at all...
The stars of this land are forever finite now...
We walk in the darkness and the darkness walks in us, but not for us
It wants it's way, as usual...
With It's foot out and our foot forward
It's always trying to make us fall, knowing
We place our next step on anything and nothing
We walk on however, seldomly looking at a shade of blue that the sun cannot produce...
Out here, the Moon is our always faithful but under-appreciated guide
The Moon can do little for this land, without reason
In this land with little water and even lesser hope
The rivers, now riverbeds, are all cried out...
What's left, is littered throughout our war path...
We see both trash and treasure
These pricessless gems before us, only on a few rocks in our solar system,
Can these be held, much less be seen
Only a certain few
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Hey, no smiling
Don't Tell me to Smile.
I don't have to smile for you...
I don't have a smile for you...
I don't want to smile for you...
So STOP asking...
"Why don't you smile?"
I'm a real person. I don't walk through this life, like everything is all well and good. And it shows on my face, sometimes. When it happens, people tend to come out the wood work just to find me and bug me about. It's been this way for some time. This is ultimately my way of telling people to stop doing that. Quit it with all the Fake-ness already. Some of yall out there are going through this life feeling worst than I do, at times. But you all continue to put on this false smile. You all cope with yourselves with alcohol, pills, drugs and other stuff. Like it's all cool. Like everything is okay. Then yall see that One person, minding their business. But they aren't wearing the same face you are. So instantaneously, you judge. Not even realizing you've been brainwashed into this thinking. "They're not smiling so there must b
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Where he came from by bullzye Where he came from :iconbullzye:bullzye 3 0
i am Truthful but Unpredictable, at times
I'm trying to do the Right thing. Now...
However, if I'm truthful all the time, then I will be seen as unusual.
So ultimately, I have to become a liar. Some of the time. To balance things out.
As a result I feel like a schizo, some of the time.
My life is...
like jason bourne.
I've felt like this for a long time.
Since I was child in fact.
New kid syndrome maybe.
It's like I am still moving, over and over again.
What am I thinking? I never stopped moving.
But then again,there were times when I did.
In fact I was able to really smell the roses a couple of times.
I walked the tracks of philadelphia...I walked the alleyways of dc.
I walked the jogger's routes in the suburbs of virginia.
I walked between and around the golf courses of delaware.
I walked with others through the trails of south carolina.
I've walked many long roads and as a result. My legs. I have to ask them, if they are tired
They literally move on their own now.
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Blood loss Beat
What was wrong with me?...this aching feelin in my chest. I can't stand it, as I lay here. It just won't go away. God was there. God is with me. ????? So what is this pain I can't get rid of. It hurts, it bothers, it sits here, eating away at me. Gnawing...The darkness growing, steadily. I take deep breaths. It only distracts for brief moment and then it's there again. A ziplock bag encases my my heart and a vacuum sucks the air out. Tight, and tighter, the plastic prison grows tighter. Am I forgetting something. Something important. There's a nagging forgetful feeling. No, this feeling is worse. Have i felt this way before. If I have...I had to do bad things, dangerous things to rid my self of this...gross, sickening, ever-growing, ever-weakening crater in my chest. I will...force My heart to bear with it, for as long as possible. Til my mind breaks. And Everything starts to crash down around me. Til IT no longer matters...I write this, in hopes that this feelin will not last. That a
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the Diff between Life and Love
life is...Limited Innocence Found into is...a Limited Lifetime of Overwhelming Oddsseies with Various Vies to find and to have an Endless Emotional Equality with Everyone...
In the end, how much of both you are responsible for taking from, bringing into or maintaining in this world, is what I think will matter most...
life is just the first is life taken to the next level and many levels later...true love will be the final level of life... good luck getting there.
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TOLL Robbers...
TOLL Robbers...It's Not about Money?
The Many Spirits of INFLUENCE...!
PAY Me visits every Day...
Some are Good and some are Bad...
MAN, I Always Gotta PAY Attention, though...
Or else...ATTENTION...!
Likes to let THEM sneak inside...
ME...So they can steal...
Back, what they PAID...
To Drive these Spirits away...
Or Else...They'll Begin...
Taking Their TOLL
On My SOUL....
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Mon Apr 7, 2014, 10:24 PM
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Artist | Student | Varied
I'm living a Christian lifestyle, trying to be healthy as I can be. I'm reasonable, down to earth, weird, organized, and messy(sometimes). I've learned in the last several years that, Good Friends and Family, are priceless. I'm also a movie-lover, I don't care about tv. I'm a guy who reads, a lot. I've literally had 5 different library cards at one time. I'm an Otaku who likes drawing, graffiti, writing, being an art appreciator, being with my family, enjoys learning things I'm bad at, being a casual gamer and traveling. I dislike regular american radio. However, I like music I can't understand the words to. I'm a non-smoker who only drinks socially, has a music podcast, likes electronics, loves to laugh and make others laugh and hates gossip/drama.

For my life. I'm just trying to define for myself, what a decent young black gentleman is supposed to be about...Now and Always.

Current Residence: DC/VA/MD/DE/PA Germany
Favourite genre of music: hiphop & ol' skool,r&b,jpop/rock,reggaeton,classical,jazz,punk/alternative,house, dubstep
Favourite photographer: Natsumi Hayashi & I'll Fave/Watch you then you'll know
Favourite style of art: anime,cgi,abstract,graffitti,emoticon,paint,sculpting,origami,claymation,photography,stereogram
Operating System: This Human Body thing, still gettin use to it...
MP3 player of choice: New Ipodnano(touch)16gb/ipodtouch 32gb until I break them yaay
Shell of choice: What? Oh it says "Shell"....
Wallpaper of choice: abstract art,anime,manga,landscape,astronomy,cgi
Skin of choice: This human one is pretty good, nice to have fire/cold proof one
Favourite cartoon character: sonic, brandon heat,vash the stamped, yusuke urameshi, goku, spike spielgal, shikamaru, yoh, piccolo
Personal Quote: You bust lead? So do I, except mine impregnates the page Giving birth to thoughts that unify


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